There is some sense among game designers that there’s a conflict between user experience design and game design, because a game is something that doesn’t need to exist. It’s excessive, as opposed to a user interface for your medical apparatus or something. But increasingly, the things that need user experience design are also excessive. They don’t need to exist. They invent new kinds of activities that we can choose to do, and they are all a kind of entertainment. This is an unfair overgeneralization, but it’s also not entirely wrong.
A Conversation with Ian Bogost: Fun. It’s (Probably) Not What You Think It Is.

I think the outlook for User Experience professionals in the video game industry looks very good. There has been a move away from marketing driven focus group research and towards usability research and the scientific measurement of the player’s journey. Also, more and more companies are realising UX Designers bring very relevant experience and skills to the table when facing the challenges that come with gaming in the browser and movement toward cross-platform experiences.
David Sinclair- “A Brief Intro to UX in the Games Industry”